Orange hands you the keys – Orange young designers’ competition #2


A competition brief that hoped to share a vision of digital products and services that will change our lives at home, in the next 3 to 5 years.


Nomadic lifestyles and itinerant composition of shared households. 

In a flatshare scenario, Everybody has their own piece of technology and an entertainment preference that they want to indulge in. So, They all prefer their personal spaces for that.


Communal spaces are facilitated with all kinds of necessary things and technology but are hardly used.

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With flat shares becoming more common, home is becoming an important place for socialising. is growing. Consequently, the ideal home will be the one, which will encourage contact between its different members while respecting their desire for autonomy tosplit household The concept of “live together separately” 


Key-points statics that drew my attention 

  • 21% of mobile users listen to music on their phones (44% with smartphones), 10% listen to the radio (22%) and 8% play games (26%).
  • As the economic downturn reduces resources for going out, the home is becoming an important place for socializing with friends or neighbours, and technology will allow us to enjoy entertainment at home.

Questions raised 

  • How will today’s utilitarian relationship with the connected home become tomorrow’s instinctive and entertaining rapport?
  • How will the two protagonists, the home system and the human being, live together in peace and harmony?
  • How will these products and services enrich relations between various inhabitants, in whichever living space they connect?


Design Response

Loop logo.jpg


A music dock that multiple users contribute to.

It automates the job of selecting tracks, knitting them into smart playlist to create a shared audio experience generated from common interests.

To bring domestic harmony in the context of flat share. It’s to quickly find common ground in a living environment shared by strangers.

Process map

The Loop dock operates with an application that can be downloaded to any mobile device. An activated device recognizes the dock when in close proximity. All the music applications on the mobile device reflect on to the app interface. A selection tab allows users to choose between commonality and recommendation, which offers an opportunity for the user to input their playlist. Looping into the loop music dock broadcasts a shrewd list of songs considering the other contributions present in the Loop dock’s internal database. RFID disconnects and deletes a users profile when they leave the space. The smart list is refreshed after every tune is played. It’s to find common interest in a shared environment. By this everyone’s contributions are considered and allows scope for collaboration, negotiation and conversation about the flats music interests, which may allow flat mates to live together in a more democratic audial space reducing small conflicts and alienation.