'What's mine is yours' . The rise of Collaborative Consumption.

‘One hundred milliseconds of exposure to a neutral face is sufficient for people to make a variety of trait judgments such as trustworthiness, competence, and aggressiveness’ (Willis & Todorov, 2006).


Speculated Scenario


Since the collaborative revolution of 2035 the consumer world has functioned with a currency of exchange. Credit and wealth are now measured in trustworthiness and reputation. Determined by the features of a trustworthy face, we have developed a service strategy to help in improving trust credit rating, thus exercise by instruction or even surgery can increase trust credits.


Service Design Response


We introduce Trust at first sight, a service for a better lifestyle.

Our introductory smart application enables you to upload a photo and check  trust credits on the go, allowing to know what products/services users are permitted to use and what has to be done to improve and afford something more.

Through in depth research by our experts, at Trust at First Sight, have discovered the ingredients of a truly trustworthy face. We offer a four-tiered service (including our helpful app) to help you prosper in the collaborative society.

Stage 01 - Our trust credit app enables you to establish how trustworthy your appearance is and gives you an overall percentage score. 100% being extremely trustworthy and 1% untrustworthy.

Stage 02 – Depending on you personal trust credit rating we will then refer you to one of three trust enhancement routes.

70% or more – facial exercise program

5% – 70% - trust correction surgery

0% - 5% - prosthetics