Barco Camper 


A student project with a brief that required to suggest new steps for Camper

I was put together with Remi Perrichon to conceive a design outcome.





In search of insights, we choose to start our project by visiting Camper's retail stores in Central London. 

As we reached Camper Covent Garden store front,

First thing we noticed was, we couldn’t understand where the brand came from, by the red colour and the shape of the logo, which was close to levis and MarlboroA question of, Is this brand American? was raised.


As we got closer, we saw an advertisement on store façade with some Volvo shoes and Volvo racing posters, It raised another question of, Is camper a competitive brand?


Advertisement on store front said 'extraordinary craft', as we entered the store, we were not sure if the products were crafted, by the aesthetics of it?


We saw different kinds of shoes, we couldn’t find any style in common, we taught, may be they are from external designers who design in their own way. But most of the collection was by their in house designers, which for us as customers, was not well defined in the store.


If we sum up what we have seen, we want to express spanishness, slowness, craft and define a unified identity.





From our responses, we wanted to understand what spanishness is? especially Majorca.

We interviewed a friend staying there. From her answers, we understood that, life is different, traditional, a lot of free time to spend on family dinners, making events for traditional festivals and very important that the life is very much slow.


By the above observations we defined what we taught Camper can be.


We learned about the personas of Camper customers


Derived some attributes by their personas.


We defined the notions, trends and purpose of the brands by embracing Blue Ocean Strategy - Actions framework of eliminating, reducing, raising and creating



Design Response


Our understanding from our observations was performance, speed, technology, competition, hard working, when the boat cross the bridge we want to express easy going, well being, slowness and relaxed which we think is closer to the brand.


Our response was to create a sub brand called Barco camper


A team of 8 people from different backgrounds are sent on an year long expedition


An audio narration to empathise the feeling of proposed expedition .


Speculative set of photographs of how would the journey and its experience unify a team and their ideologies.